The Easiest Way to Document Your Client Meetings

You do the talking, Sonia does the rest

Sonia listens in on your meetings and calls, automatically transcribing and summarizing key decisions for your CRM.

Streamline your work

Sonia integrates with your calendar, conference call provider, and CRM. Whether it’s Outlook, Google, Zoom, Webex, GoTo Meeting, or direct voice notes – we’ve got you covered.

Save time on the backend

Spend more time in front of clients and leave the admin tasks to Sonia. No need to block off time after each meeting to jot down notes for your CRM.

Always be audit-ready.

Sonia brings all your client communication together so you never miss a detail from your meetings.

Transcript: Full transcripts after every meeting

  • Document each conversation
  • Easily search for keywords
  • Share between associates and advisors

How Sonia Works

Get set up in less than 5 minutes

Link Your Calendar

Link your Outlook or Google calendar so Sonia can easily join your client meetings.

Conferencing Integrations

Sonia supports Zoom, Webex, GoTo Meeting, Uber Conference, BlueJeans, and many more. For in-person meetings, you can also use Sonia to listen in and record the conversation.

Document Every Meeting

After the meeting, you’ll have a full transcript of the conversation in your Sonia account. Accuracy depends on call quality, and we especially care about accurately capturing the context around the main keywords used by financial advisors.

Summary of Decisions

Sonia leverages AI to extract key decisions, follow-ups, and action items – summarizing the most relevant information.

CRM Entry

Document your client meetings with automatic CRM entry for compliance. Automate your workflow and save hours of tedious work each week.

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